Hair Care 101: How to Properly Manage Your Hair


Most men find their hair thinning increasingly as they age. However hair thinning is also observed among women, although the instances of female baldness are relatively smaller than those of men.

There are many reasons which can cause hair thinning in men and women. For laymen, it would be difficult to determine with certainty the exact cause of hair loss; that is why it is necessary to consult a physician and have an examination so that the exact cause may be known and treated.

One of the most common causes of hair loss or thinning in both men and women is genetics. As a matter of fact, it is claimed that ninety-nine percent of premature hair thinning or baldness is caused by genetics. This hereditary male and female pattern baldness is known as androgenic alopecia in medical terms. For people who have one or both parents who had DNA relating to hair loss, such inherited DNA would be decisive of the fate of that person’s hair.

Aside from genetics, hair thinning can also be caused by external factors such as stress and illness, which can prevent the healthy growth of the hair. Medication can also be a cause, since some medications contain a component which affects hair growth. Poor diet may also cause hair thinning since the person will not be getting the nutrients needed by the body to sustain the growth of the hair.

Hair loss or thinning consists of different processes for men and women. The process which goes on with men is more known to the medical society than that of women’s. For men, hair loss is caused mostly by genetic factors, combined with hormonal ones. In particular, male hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) cause hair loss. This process can start as early as during puberty for men. On the other hand, women usually will not observe their hair thinning until they reach the age of forty or fifty, and while their hair loss is also associated with hormonal changes, such association is not held with certainty.

While the above mentioned causes of hair loss may already be known to most people, there are a lot of things which are believed to cause hair loss when in fact, they do not. Among these are dandruff, poor scalp circulation, ‘clogged’ hair follicles, and the use of wrong shampoo or other hair products. In addition, the use of hair cover-ups such as helmets and caps will not affect hair loss. A person must therefore not be prevented form using hair products or hair accessories they want just because of fear that they might lose their hair in the process.

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